About Us

I'm Amy Ferguson, owner of Kingdom Pomskies. Thanks for visiting!

I fell in love with the pomsky breed after being introduced to them through a family friend. They are smart, playful, fun loving dogs who love to lead an active lifestyle. 

Growing up I was raised on our family farm in Central Missouri, caring for and showing cattle and sheep from a young age. My Pomskies are now raised on this same farm with acres of land to roam and explore. My dogs are my life and being a small breeder, I am able to give each and every one the love and attention they deserve. 

I strive to breed happy, healthy, beautiful puppies with attention to temperament and genetics, always to further the Pomsky breed. All of my dogs and puppies are Embark genetic and health tested, are kept on a strict vaccination and deworming schedule, are very well socialized with noises and people and are just about the sweetest dogs you’ll find!


I consider all of my dogs a part of my family and can't imagine life without them. Thank you for considering Kingdom Pomskies for your next furry family member!

If you have any questions about my pomskies please feel free to reach out, I'm always happy to help! 

Email: kingdompomskies@gmail.com 

Phone/Text: (573) 424-6336

Other: Facebook & Instagram messengers

I often tend to respond faster to FB or IG messages.

Kingdom Pomskies Onyx and Tico
Kingdom Pomskies Tico